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Summer Page Spreads

Final PDF’s and referenced inside the document


Here is my final PDF mock ups for my double page spread. I done mock ups for this because I had lost the book that I was going to show it in unfortunately. But I did send an email to confirm if this was ok, still waiting for a response.

Page 1-2

Page 3-4

Page 5-6

Page 7-8


Looking at an alternative design pt 2


From my last post I am going to be showing you the last page layout and all the pages all together, looking at the style and consistency of the design throughout.

Screenshot 2017-04-24 23.15.26

So with the final page I wanted to look for a new photo, one that was my own and of high quality. When I went to Hever castle a few months back I kept this project in mind and was looking for large photos that would work well with a double page spread of this size.

The photo I chose was this one below seeing as that it goes with the natural pantone of all the other photos. The red within the photo also critically makes the page stand out from the others. A thing I had noticed about Creative Review is that it is rather bland and doesn’t really capture the eye of their expected audience. In response to that I chose to take a risk to make my pages stand out with bright and interesting imagery.

Screenshot 2017-04-24 23.26.11

As you can see from the screenshot above that the photo does not really fit the whole page. To resolve this I took the image again, cropped it and stretched the cropped version placing it onto the other side of the E so it blends in naturally.

Screenshot 2017-04-24 23.26.47Screenshot 2017-04-24 23.28.44

Moving on to the written content I felt that it was too cramped up inside of the E and didn’t really work as well as I thought it would. Why E do you ask? Well it’s purely because its the first letter of the title of the page. This may change though as I’m unsure on using that as a title as it has no relevance to the other content at the moment. I chose to place the text away from the E into the white space and the result has come out almost perfectly though there’s something missing to make it stand out.

As I have done in the past I made a black box, reduced the opacity of it and have placed it beneath the text to lift it out of the page making it easier to read – yet not destroying the photo behind.

Screenshot 2017-04-24 23.30.22Screenshot 2017-04-24 23.30.26

To finish off all I had to do was change the font.

Screenshot 2017-04-24 23.53.33

All the black text within the document I went back and changed the tint so it was a lot easier on the eye. I also done the same with the page numbers, reducing the tint a little more that the paragraph styles.

Screenshot 2017-04-25 00.06.52

I then went back to the first page to make the layout the same as the last page – Matching the paragraph styles and image placement.

Here is a final look at all the pages. Here I will be judging the consistency.

Screenshot 2017-04-25 14.15.47Screenshot 2017-04-25 14.16.01Screenshot 2017-04-25 14.16.36Screenshot 2017-04-25 14.17.08

As you can see here what I have done is made my article open and close with a double page of the same style of each other so that the reader knows where it begins and ends. What I like to call the inside beef of it all it is kept very clean and easy to read. The colour within the beef is all very the same and all link to natural beauty and colour.


Looking at an alternative design


Now with what I have got so far with my double page spreads, I’m pleased with most the content on there, but I may need to look at putting more content in. Seeing that I have just done a few photography trips with this project in mind, I will be looking at some new content to fill up the pages if necessary.

First of all i wanted to make the first page look a little tidier design wise. I used a method that I learnt about at work experience using the path finder tool and the create outlines tool for the large W. Here is my process.

Screenshot 2017-04-24 22.16.06

Screenshot 2017-04-24 22.12.49

Screenshot 2017-04-24 22.12.22

Screenshot 2017-04-24 17.53.26

I felt that the next page didn’t really need much editing so I have left it for the time being.

Moving onto the next spread I went on to completely redesigning it to make it look more like the style used within Creative Review.

Screenshot 2017-04-24 22.26.06

Here you can see that already the layout has changed – the column to the right is space for a photograph and I have looked through some I had taken from Berling Gap. I chose this photo as I wanted the page to relate to it and the other content to flow with it with similar colours.

Screenshot 2017-04-24 22.32.21

So now it’s time to look at some more content to fill this page with as that at least one of the spreads should be a little meaty.

Screenshot 2017-04-24 22.54.02

I thought this way was the best way to balance out this spread as that three small ones will make up for that one long one. Like I mentioned earlier I wanted the other photos to link in colour with the main photo. I think, with the shots I chose, are smartly contrasted to match the main photo as they’re taken from a different day and location yet keep consistent to the main colours.

Screenshot 2017-04-24 22.59.26

I have placed placeholder text underneath each photo and will fill them soon with rich text. I used a faint line to divide the photos from the text. You may have also noticed that I have changed the font to Helvetica as that it is a lot easier to read and works very well with the content because of the fact that it keeps the pages looking clean and tidy.

Screenshot 2017-04-24 22.57.14

Though I used tools within inDesign to make the spaces even I just wanted to double check – as you can see I created a rectangle in between two of them and checked to see if it was the same the other end.

I will go into a further post to discuss the changes of the last page and we will explore the new look of the whole file.

Summer Double Page Spreads


So last summer we were to create four double page spreads to keep our skills up to date. I didn’t really know that we had to blog about this so now I am going to be doing a few blog posts on my progress throughout the summer and will also make a few changes to the originals with the skills I know now from what I knew back then.

So here a few screenshots of what I had come up with so far. The magazine that I went for was one I was fairly familiar with the format from past projects that is Creative Review.

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 14.41.50Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 14.42.01Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 14.42.16Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 14.42.32

I wanted my articles to be based around traveling and the fact that you don’t need to go to all these cliche locations in order to say that you have seen the world. ¬†Instead I wanted to talk about how easy it is to see the luxuries of the world easy enough to walk down your road as such, to appreciate the small things of life.

After looking at these pages now I feel I should maybe take a different route to it, I’m going to go off and buy a copy of the most recent creative review and have a look at the styles used within the typography. I do want to be a little dangerous and explore maybe a new style that may work well but we will see where that’ll take me.

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