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Kent Sales Academy (FMP)

Good design and Evaluation


The visual communication/message of the piece met the need of the brief as that I looked heavily into how to brand successfully.

I feel that I should have done some market research again into how many people would be up for it and such.

My strengths in this project were my visuals I believe and the concept of the logo. Also I felt very positive on my mock ups seeing if the logo would work well on different stationary.

My weakness would have been that I should have maybe gone a step further and made up a brand guideline book.

I found my time keeping skills were pretty well set out as usual.

Like I said I do feel that I should have researched more into the marketing side of things as that in the real world designers do have to do that. It may have been useful to get some more outside opinions.

I drew conclusion to the project by showing a few people my visuals for some feedback, asking if they understood the logo and what it meant. The people I asked were professionals so it wasn’t like I was only asking friends and family.

What I enjoyed the most about this project was experimenting with colours and shapes for the logos. I love logo design and I’m constantly learning about new different ways of displaying a company within a simple icon.

I have considered the sustainability of my project process and outcomes by making sure the the target audience would react to my idea in a good way. If it were to go further there would be further analytics.


Colours that will help represent sales


Marketers and graphic designers have long known that color plays a huge role in the success of any marketing campaign and brand. Specific colours tend to stir certain emotions in customers which of course creates the brand relevance and gets people buying into your product, services etc. I’m going to be looking at a few colours that apparently increase sales, along with the specific emotions they evoke.

Referenced from:


Red – is the color of power. It gets people’s attention and it holds it. Apparently this is the most popular colour for marketing. Just don’t overdo it! As you can see from the image above it shows of youthness and excitement. This colour will be useful in this particular logo.

Blue – Is when you want to be viewed as trustworthy and cool. Mix blue with complimentary colours for best results. This colour is also portrayed as being strong and dependable.

Green –  is a versatile colour. It is warm and inviting, lending customers a pleasing feeling. Second, it denotes health, environment and goodwill. Finally, green is the colour of money, so it creates thoughts of wealth.

Orange –  is energy. It has powerful attention-getting properties, it’s fun and cool, and it makes customers feel as though they’re dealing with a cutting-edge company.

So now that I have looked at some colours that may help me within this project I feel that I can now start looking at different colour options for my palette. I will also think of a couple more designs then finally come to a conclusion.


Experimenting with DNA


Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 21.48.36

Here I’ve done a quick test to see if the whole DNA icon would work out in favour to the message of the brand. I feel that it does slightly though I have asked a few people and they say it looks too much like a medical company logo of some sort. It may be due to the style of the DNA or even the typeface being too bold.

I may go on to experimenting further with this concept though I feel that it wont work well but I will keep this in mind.



Here you can see me starting to experiment as much as possible on illustrator. The key to this I believe is to emphasis it a lot seeing as it hasnt been done before, it needs to be bold and fresh but also look professional keeping a clean look.

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 20.22.26Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 20.22.37

With a few of them you can see that I have introduced taglines/ slogans to go with them, one being “Sales step up” and the other being “Communicate, Persuade, Listen”. The second one kind of gives a clear look on what the main points of the short course will be focusing heavily on the three key subjects.

Also you can see that I have been using the initials as the logo and I’ve emphasised the letter S seeing as that it stands for the main part of their title being “Sales”.

I’ve introduced a flow to the logo too in the bottom two as you can see that the arrows and flow represent a flowchart which are heavily used in sales, also it represents progression from when the students start to how they are when they finish.

I will now go on to experimenting with another idea introducing a DNA look to it as that they did mention “finding people with the right DNA to know they’ll be good in sales” though I feel leaning more to this direction will lead to confusion as it could start to look like a scientific academy?


Looking at inspiration


I’ve done some research into this whole Sales academy business and it does seem like there is a huge gap in the market for it as I haven’t been able to find anywhere that does this yet.

I’ve thought that it would be necessary to look at current college logos and a few sales company logos to catch some kind of inspiration on how my logo for them could look.

They say that it is completely up to us on how we design it going all the way through to how it would work as a brand and the colours to be used.

Below are a few images that caught my eye within the sales industry.

Next I will be experimenting with the elements of the brand, the title, the initials and a slogan.


New “Bomb brief”


Today we have been given a small project with a real life client, the brief is as followed. The project is creation of the brand and logo for the Kent Sales Academy.

550 of the top Sales Directors and senior sales execs in the UK attended the Association of Professional Sales annual conference in London in June 2016 and were asked a number of questions. The one that was the most significant to the audience was:

“What do you believe to be the biggest challenge facing the sales industry today?”

The No 1 answer was “Lack of talent/clear skills development within the community today”

It is a national problem and it is certainly a problem in Kent and there is a huge demand for sales talent in businesses.

The Role of the Academy is to provide well trained and highly motivated sales people to the Kent business community, which will increase the GVA of Kent and the success and competitiveness of Kent business. It will do this by delivering the following:

  • Make students aware that sales is an exciting and lucrative career opportunity and enticing them to join the KSA
  • Test for the DNA of a sales person which is resilience, tenacity and curiosity to ensure they are able to complete the apprenticeship and are suitable for a sales role
  • Run a sales for beginners course in schools
  • Finding sales apprenticeship jobs in Kent for 19-24 year olds who will be paid above the average wage for their peer group.
  • Run a series of 3 month sales training courses for unemployed school or university leavers linked to the traineeship funding
  • Placing students into one year apprenticeships where we will deliver a series of sales training courses across the year leveraging the apprenticeship funding

The Kent Sales Academy will launch in April 2017.

The objectives of the Academy are:

  • to give students the opportunity to learn how to sell and open them up to jobs in the largest industry in the world which they are not aware of – business to business sales
  • to give students qualifications in sales that they can use in any career in any country
  • to provide Kent with much needed sales talent to drive revenues in businesses
  • to drive apprenticeships in sales in Kent in line with the new Levy that comes into play in April 2017
  • to increase the GVA of Kent

The Style & Requirements are down to the West Kent team but the overall brand needs to appeal to the youth (16-24 year olds), parents and businesses.

Delivery of the brand is requested by the first week of March 2017. It is requested that we are supplied with the brand, brand guidelines including colour palette and logo.

The rights to the usage of all images will remain with the UK Sales Academy Ltd of which 50% is owned by the Hadlow Group. However, a credit will, where possible, be given to the West Kent design team.

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