Metacognition – you’re aware of what and how you’re learning.

Close looking is extremely important into analysing and with analysing there is no right or wrong as that it’s all your opinion.

THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION – started a reaction for designers and artists back in 1700.


The guy may be a traveler due to his dirty shoes, his luggage and pet dog possibly. The dog may be a pub pet which is where they may be as in the top left corner there is to believe a pub sign. The woman/ barmaid is serving the gentleman a nice cold beer and he’s looking at her as if to say cheers. The image is lively and colourful. The calm before the storm.


There has been a murder in Great Britain as you can tell because of the text within the image and the clothes that the people are wearing. This image is very industrial like and looks as it it may be in a city. The image is taken from a comic strip like book. It was in fact taken from the front of a newspapers. The person who is laying on the floor may be dead but we are still unsure about this. The person was one of Jack the rippers victims.


There is either a steam train or a factory that is giving off bad pollution to our homes which are at the bottom of the image showing that bad things are getting into things we’re trying to clean like the laundry in each garden, they’re just getting dirty again because of the smoke coming from the train/ factory. The image is drawn from a high view. All the houses were packed to its limits, many families would cram into one.


This image is in fact a photograph, you can see this as that the detail in it is so great. Also similar to the last one it shows how close we are to such a great threat.


The quality of this image is a lot greater than the previous one means that it is in fact more recent. Still wanting to send across that factories are the source of bad pollution. The image is a statement backed up by anonymous.


In this image is a child who’s working at such a young age with a motive stating pretty much to start them when they’re young and to teach them a value of hard work. It’s changing the argument to make people think that this is a good thing. The children in the image look like they’re dealing with what they have to do and don’t look so stressed. There is a bit of a slavery vibe to this image. This image is looked back sarcastically. Children going to school started because there was a worry that children would take all the jobs.


This image I feel resembles hell for a child who is strapped up and helpless to escape. the person who seems to be helping looks very demon like and looks as if he/she is only doing it for their own benefit. It is very dark and is in a very dingy day of age within a mine tunnel which would make an individual feel very claustrophobic.


This image is again to show labour/ slavery as its an olden day sweatshop, you can see this with the tight spacing between each work station and how many people there are. It isn’t taken from England as that there are foreign signs though it still may be in Britain with more foreign workers than English. This image was taken from Germany.


The same as the previous image though all the workers are male, suited up in uniform and the place looks more organised. Not so sure when this photo was taken.