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Mindfulness and Empathy


Learning about both mindfulness and empathy has helped me understand who my target audience is and how they will view my poster. Empathy is understanding someones emotions, thoughts and feelings. Also instead of feeling sorry for others, you listen to them and relate some of your own issues to theirs. There are a lot of differences between sympathy and empathy, sympathetic people are shown to not really caring as much as empathic people.

Sympathetic people usually say things along the lines of, “you’ll be fine” “at least you didn’t….” Also saying I feel sorry for you and not actually feeling it is sympathetic. Sympathy is just all talk and no actual feel for it, it sounds heartless in a way.

Empathic on the other hand is taking all their issues in, evaluating them and relating them to similar issues of your own getting a better understanding of their feelings. Being able to say you know how they’re feeling comes across more supporting.

Now Mindfulness is when no matter what situation you’re in you should be looking at things in a different ways compared to others. You should also start to notice more around you, taking in things that not everyone else does. Mindfulness is the presence from the heart.

Within the lecture we took part in a task in noticing things within the room that we’d hadn’t noticed before. Things I noticed were there was a jet wash box on the table in the corner, five skate boards sat on a desk near by, a tiled section on the ceiling above me and that the floor runs up the wall a little.


Remember my name


My attempt of to think of one hundred ways to get people to remember my name within an hour.

Advertise on TV

Post note on toilet doors

Above ID scanner

ID badge

Drink cup

On each step

On carpet

In books

Sign posts

Album covers



Body manipulation

Airplane trail

Plane banners


Welcome page on computer

Newspaper ad

Write a song about you

Set a reminder on everyone’s phone


Google homepage

Cheerleaders sing it

Cut name into haircut

Wear a necklace with your name on it

Plant flowers into name

In grave into glass

Mow into grass

Bumper stickers


Fire extinguishers foam

Animal branding

Shout out on the radio


Invent something and become famous

Become a sports athlete

Write a blog about you

Write a book about you

Commit a crime

Become YouTube famous

Key a car

Hashtag your name

Have sex with a celeb

Burn it in to toast and serve it to people

College recorded message

Make a huge donation

Do heroic activities

Commit suicide

Create an original piece of art

Make a new law

Become a president

Make your name unique

Brag- create a buzz


Memorial bench

Take risks

Become a drug dealer

Meet new people

Divergent to Convergent


Today we had to take a course on what divergent and convergent thinking is, learning what the difference is and how to participate in doing them. 

Divergent thinking takes place by setting yourself a time limit and thinking of as many useful ideas for a specific object, no matter how crazy the ideas are. Items including a Tea stirer, plant pot, brick and an ice skate were what we had to analyse and think of ideas as quick as possible! 

We then had to think of a skin texture for aliens in a children’s book, such ideas came out as latex, fur, sick, cats whiskers, leather, stone, teeth, tree bark, human skin, tree bark and so on, the list got a bit big for just a 10 minute brainstorm.

After, we had to group up with the person next to each other and analyse each other’s lists finding the most realistic one for the scenario thinking about health and safety, maturity etc. My friend and I both agreed on three ideas which caught our eyes and sounded the most realistic, these being:

  1. Velcro- making the book interactive by giving the audience a chance to customise their aliens was thought to be a great idea to get the children more involved in the story.
  2. Teeth- unlike the Velcro the teeth gave the book a horror kind of feel to it. They would be made up of plastic then glossed to look more realistic and also making it feel more alive.
  3. Tree Bark- we thought of using actual tree bark but realised it would make one hell of a mess of the book and start to mold over. Therefor the same as the teeth, we’d have to create the texture from scratch with a material like plastic.

Breaking down all the ideas to these three is an example of convergent thinking, where you have to analyse all your ideas and pick out the most realistic ones which can actually be done. 

Divergent and convergent thinking is used all the time for a graphic designer, it makes your mind feel free to put any ideas down no matter how rude or crazy they are. Great ideas usually come to mind when you’re relaxing and not trying to think of something new, thus making sure to always have a handy note pad and pen or smartphone near by to then let out your ideas. Expect the unexpected.

“Be more Dog”


Paying attention and noticing other things happening

After watching this Buzzfeed clip it made me feel blind to what else was going on in the background. while watching the video i though it was a trick video where it says count all the red cards i noticed that all the cards were red on the back so i was counting all of them. once you’re focused on a certain object or task you begin to lose notice of everything around you, staying locked in with the one thing your mind is set on.

The real act of discovery consists not in finding new lands but in seeing with new eyes“- Marcel Proust.

Selling the colour changing of a cup of water


“Majestical colour changing to a boring standard cup of water, bringing a splash of gold bought it to like like a touch of gold dust in to the delicate ocean.”



Phenomenology is a methodology and philosophy that makes a study of the relationships between being human and the objects or environment around us.

Also in todays lecture we had to participate in an activity in where you had to close your eyes and open them in a silent room each for five minutes taking in everything you feel and hear inside and out.

Eyes closed – All i could here on the outside was the air conditioning in the dead silent room. i could fell a slight breeze of the cold air coming through it hitting my face ever so gently. I felt well and relaxed because of how peacefully quiet it was and i could only sense a few others in the room, not as many as there actually were.

Eyes open – Once i opened my eyes i first noticed the people around me and remembered there were a few of us in the room. when your eyes are closed you kind of shut off from the world forgetting who’s around you.

The raisin test


While holding the raisin in my mouth without chewing in to it all i could think about was the texture and how it was so boring along with the taste. the texture felt old and wrinkly. Once chewing into it there was a bit of sweet delight as the taste finally livened up. the texture then was nice and chewy like a sweet and tasted like grape, which it should do.

Imagination & Perception

The difference between the two are that imagination is any thoughts and ideas at all no matter how wild they are. whereas perception is based on how the world around you is, it’s what you’re telling it to be, pattern repetition and object search are examples of perception.


  • Pay attention
  • Be aware
  • Expect the unexpected
  • Feel the ways around you
  • Analyse what is near

The Shoe Tower Challenge (#TheSTC)


One of many ways to be creative and think of something new and original is a technique called creative play. This gives out a fair feel to failure, making the idea of failing a lot less daunting. As a Toddler/ Child i remember building objects with lego and such, going through a hell of a lot of fails to reach to satisfaction. in this context it feels as if you’re playing a game, there’ll always be times when you’ll fail but then you will try again and learn from where you went wrong previously to reach the goal.

Creative play is used everywhere and at a lot of successful graphic design companies. in an environment where its fun to be around lets people explore their mind and reach into the unknown for something that is original.

The first interactive day of our Graphic Design HND course took us into a group activity of creative play. After a few attempts at working as a team to form the most creative tower of shoes within our lecture group, our group of three people finally managed to build something we agreed on.

  *First version

During the exercise there were a few failures, in which we learnt from and tried again towards success with new ideas.

The tower in its final form looks very sturdy and compact, we used the laces of the shoes for support, and also successfully kept the same colours together making the tower look tidy and organised.

 *Final version

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