The visual communication/message of the piece met the need of the clients brief very well because I had heavily researched their community and kept asking people within the community if they liked where I was going with the designs I had made.

I can’t really think of anything that I could have done better. I feel that I had approached the client in a very professional manor.

My strengths within this project were that I was very good at challenging some tough decisions within the brief given to me, I also managed the whole design side of their community and this gave me a lot of good experience.

My weakness could have been that I may have considered communicating a little more better.

I found my time keeping skills were perfect. I made sure I put a lot of time into the brief that was given and was very quick to respond.

I drew conclusion to the project by showing a few people my visuals for some feedback, asking if they understood the actions I made to match the brief. The people I asked were professionals.

What I enjoyed the most about this project was that it was a real life client and the experience was great. I loved the clients and they gave me a warm welcoming and were very considerate to the choices I gave them.

I have considered the sustainability of my project process and outcomes by making sure the the target audience would react to my idea in a good way. I didn’t want their logo to fail and not bring in more clients, I wanted their community to strive into what they wanted and I feel that this rebrand will change this.

My communication was very strong with the charity and I had always responded typically within 12 hours. I also showed passion of the charity and the services they have to offer as the charity was something that was very close to my heart.

I found that in order to come out with the best outcome of a client brief was to really be into their company.