THE BIG POST! – #sorrynotsorry

22/05/17 + 23/05/17

So the print outs finally came and it was time to take to the cutting board to really put my skills of arts and crafts to the test. I’m real kak handed and I hate it but with the result I was rather pleased with the result!

Unfortunately I hadn’t taken many photos of the process but I’m going to go through the events that happened and how I came across starting to build it.

To get to grips with the scalpel knife I experimented on a few practice copies because I wanted to get the hang of it as that I had never really used one to this extent. I also used a small guillotine for the easy straight cuts on the sides as I was a lot more confident in using this.

Another reason as to why I used the guillotine was because as I was experimenting with the scalpel and metal ruler, the ruler would scrape the ink off the paper as that the print was a little low quality which really did get on my nerves especially as that when I got on to doing it properly this reoccurred a few times, causing me to restart that cut out.


After slicing up the majority of the panels I got to these ones where the actual disk would sit and oh my did I have a shock and a half! The design was cropped because of the fact that that size paper was the biggest they could do! as you can see from the shot below that it isn’t quite 12″.


This caused a slightly bigger issue as that I did not know the dimensions of the tab by just looking at it. I managed to fix this because the measurement of the tab was 1″ I just measured that at the top of the design. Also it was only a little off so I thought, ok I will slice up a few of these and we can experiment with these further down the line.

It got to connecting all the pieces together to become double sided panels, I started off with the Daft punk cover as I thought I’d get the hardest out of the way because of the mask cut out. Putting the panels together was extremely hard as I had to make sure that all the panels were exactly the same size so then when it came to putting them together to make them double sided it wouldn’t show any white edges. Surprisingly this worked out well for my first time on the daft punk panels seeing that all of them fitted perfectly… until I had to stick them together. This was a huge task as that I only had one chance as that the tape I was using was super strong and one muck up would result to recutting both panels. Precision was key here, I did not want to recut the pieces as it was a slight tedious job in order to get them perfect.

I managed to place them all pretty perfectly and with the excess white border I had I just simply trimmed it off as that it wasnt so dramatic. I also folded the tabs before just to make it a little easier to place the two pieces together.


The daft punk helmet was the hardest part so far and I had to decide on not doing this in such detail as I wanted. I cut out the whole helmet first, sliced up a few of the shapes that were within and placed the heavy ones onto a see through piece of material that I stuck underneath the panel. The reason to why I did this was because the paper would be too flimsy to work with once sliced so small! It would have taken a hell of a lot of patience to get the detail in and I felt that the detail I had put in, was enough to be honest and gave the viewer still an easy visual to know what exactly it was.

Moving on to putting all the panels together was a huge pain because I had to get someone to keep the flaps open in order for me to insert the tabs perfectly without the tape sticking too early.

I got to the last panel and I well and truly f***ed up! We pressed down a little too early on the slit so it didn’t really fit into the whole thing properly, by this time I seriously thought screw this I can’t do this anymore! It was a huge ball ache! I managed to compromise though, I tried to forcefully push the panel into the slit a little more and this did work a little but there was still a slight over hang. I thought I can’t give up now on this such small issue now so I simply just trimmed it a little to then all fit into place nicely. I think that to prevent this I could have designed the inside content on a slightly smaller panel size.

Here is the final spread of the Daft Punk album piece inside.


As you can see on the folds that the ink has creased that really does not look nice. So to get over this issue I got a black sharpie pen and went over the creases to cover them up.

After this I thought right now it’s time to sleep and rest up for the next one. It came to the next day and I was seriously dreading it! But I jumped straight in.

First though I went into spray painting the vinyl for the Daft Punk album. Below is a few photos of the process. In result it dried really quick and looked great, not needing to put on a second coat really came in handy.


Just a quick thing, I was super pleased with the print outs and did find it looking the way exactly how I wanted.

Moving on, learning from a few mistakes from my last cover process I achieved this cover a lot quicker because I knew a little more what I was doing. Unfortunately my phone had died so I couldn’t take any more photos but I will include full photos of every angle possible in my next post where I will show the disks and covers.

Overall this was a huge pain in the ass and the stress levels were very high, I think I made a good decision to not leaving this print till last minute like I have on previous projects! – A nice cold beer helped after completing this!