I have come across a huge issue now! I’ve been talking to someone within the business of print and graphic design and he’s said if I wanted to print the piece out the way that I wanted to then I’d have to spend well over £1,000 and as a student I seriously cannot afford that! The reason as to why it would be so expensive to print is because it is a one off thing; the whole spread of the piece would have to be printed on an A0 printer and there is only a few of those in this country; it included spot UV printing; the print out would then have to be pressed onto a thin cardboard net; it had to be double sided. Long story short, I had to compromise.

I looked at many other options of printing but they would all cost so much still, we found someone who would have done it for £300 but he said it would not be perfect nor have spot UV. After speaking to the print distributor I went into uni to ask if mock ups would do? The answer was unfortunately no, I said I’ll try my best to get some kind of physical form printed in time but if I get real stuck then I wont be able to do so. One of the tutors understood and said if it really comes down to it then yes mock ups will do.


I really wanted to get this done however. So I went back to my work experience and we brainstormed a little on ways to do it cheap. We had finally come with a compromisation thus being printing out each page as panels right, and connect them by having tabs on some of the panels that will then slot into the next panel with double sided tape, the next panel with have a slit in the side in order to do this operation. To make the panels double sided I would simply sticky tape them together with double sided tape. The cost of this process will cost around £60 and with showing the spot UV effect I will make a few mock ups.

Now as with my design I have designed both pieces on a net. I will now go and set up the finals as panels and start working with the tab ideas.