So it’s the last page finally and for this I only needed to get my own photo of someone, preferably a girl showing kind of no emotion because I wanted it to be as basic looking as possible but bold.

I feel that the person I got to take a photo off suited that slight model look and pulled off the no emotion face perfectly.

All I had to do here was go to my template of the photo and just change the current photo with my own photo.

Below is the final result.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 13.23.55.png

I thought it was a good idea to not include the glitch effect as that I thought it would be a little too much on one piece of work. Even though I thoroughly enjoyed the look of it I thought it looked a little too messy.

I skewed the face plate to make it look a bit more blended in because if I had left it it didn’t really look natural.

There’s a slight spanner in my work though as that I couldnt get a photo of the insides of a computer I had to buy a photo from Adobe Stock for the insides of the head. I don’t see this as plagiarism as that I have the rights to use this image for all uses.

Next I will be talking about printing, costs and preparation for the final piece.