To start off on this final part of development on my axwell ingrosso vinyl cover I needed to get the measurements of what size the sticker would be. I came across this on the web and also checked the dimensions myself on one of my vinyls and the dimensions were 4x4inch.

Screenshot 2017-05-08 19.15.23

This document explains how I should prepare my design for print which would be extremely handy if I were to get a lot printed.

So moving on to my development I thought it was needed to get some kind of content inside that would match the outside image of the bright coloured seafront. I thought it would be great to have a bright visual on the vinyls because they are what the content/music is on.

I put the logo on there to keep the consistency of the brand and if someone just say that out of its cover they’d know straight away who it is, well most people would.

To get a classic look to bring back the originality of vinyls I put a grain gradient over the 2 pieces because looking back at old ones they have a grainy texture, though that may be because its old but I thought it worked nicely on the bright colours to bring them down a little to match the rest of the album artwork.

I also kept in mind that there was going to be a whole for the pin so that the vinyl can sit on the record player. Now that this is done I will now go on to the final page for daft punk and look at print costs and how I should do it.