Here I will be placing the content into the content page of the Daft Punk album. I will consider the placement with the content and the images that I edited earlier.

The content that I had got were referenced from these two links.



I wanted a good balance of the content on the page, I didn’t want it to look lop sided. Here you can see me experimenting with placement.

I emphasised the names because the album is about them revealing themselves. Guy’s name was rather long so I reduced the size of the text of the end of his name.

I wanted to include these little bios because obviously no one really knew officially that it was these guys but as it had officially been announced in this concept I thought it would be interesting to have something people could read exclusively to the album. If this had been done properly I would have organised an interview with them to actually get exclusive information.

Now that this is complete there is only two more pages to finish the whole design, I will now go into a further blog to show development and process of that.