Now here I decided that I needed one of the panels dedicated to what is actually on the disks which I had completely forgot about and i have no idea why! Anyway this worked out rather well in my advantage as it would now balance out the design and bring in some white space. I placed this content page in between the artwork placeholder and the actual sleeve area because this would balance out the heaviness of the designs from both panels that were now separated by the content page.

Instead of going with the whole side a side b rubbish, I wanted to go for something a little different. As I mentioned a while back that I was stuck with what colour I should have the front logo as either silver or gold? Well now was my time to compromise! I’ve made the decision to get some gold and silver spray and spray one side of the vinyl gold and the other silver with no other artwork on the disk to keep it looking clean and sticking to their brand (one helmet being gold, the other silver). I also thought it was key to keep the consistency of the 2 helmets throughout the album sleeve so I done the same as I did in the other content page and placed the helmets in barely noticeable.

As you can also see from the shots above I have placed a solid white shape of the 2 masks together, this is because when it comes to printing I will be cutting out the shape so then the consumer can change the side of the disk making the masks either shine bright in silver or shimmer in gold, this will make it a little bit fun to interact with and is a cool feature.

I will next look at disk art for my Axwell Ingrosso vinyl as doing this exercise has reminded me to do so. I will be taking a different, classic approach with the other vinyl.