The photo that I went for was this one that I had taken at Beachy head. The reason why I chose this was because it was similar to the one that I had found as inspiration. After editing the photo to make it really catch someones eye I then moved it over to illustrator. The reason why I wanted it to catch someones eye is because it will stand out from the others and really make people go and pick it up. Below is the edited version along with the settings.

The reason to why I wanted to create the clipping mask is because it shows that inside the album cover is something bright and amazing which links to their music. If I was to get it printed I would have the image within the clipping path embossed to it looked as if it were actually the next page. I did look at actually cutting the shape out and having the image on the next page but that would interfere with the other side of the front cover.

Screenshot 2017-05-08 18.34.51Screenshot 2017-05-08 18.36.38

Moving onto the content page I wanted the content to be as clear as possible and formal so I aligned the text to the left as that it is informing people what is what. I wanted to work with the white space to keep it clean because the other pages on the inside are rather full, I wanted to get some kind of balance. Also looking at some inspiration I thought it was very necessary to work with white space like in the photo below.


I kept the same font as the lyrics again for consistency of the brand and increased the size of the song titles as that they were the main point of view.

I feel that now I have finalised the design of this cover and will now move onto finishing the Daft Punk album to then go off to print. I really do need to consider printing options so I will look into that straight after I have finished the Daft Punk design as that I am so close.