Before I start putting together my artwork with the lyrics I wanted to just match the styles of both photos within Lightroom. Below is the result with the same settings as I had in the first artwork on this blog post.

Screenshot 2017-05-08 17.36.44

Moving on to the placement of the artwork within the album cover I was first to crop the images as that the dimensions where not 12″ on the originals. To prevent the cause of distortion I just cropped in the most satisfying pieces of the photos, because I didn’t want to lose the quality of the photos and when I was working on them I knew I would have to crop them which was not an issue.

You can see the process of me cropping the images down below.

With my choice in font I went for Futura, this is because I searched up the artists most used font and it was this font. Though I changed the font of their name and title on the front page I thought there should be something that links to their previous albums, this is to keep consistency within their brand as well as their obvious logo.

There was a slight issue with not being able to see the lyrics with the background image and I tried resolving this by experimenting with the alignment but that didn’t look right so instead I compromised and placed a slight drop shadow to the lyrics just enough to make it a little more clearer.

Next I will be looking at the front cover image and contents page. I will consider what photo to use to put within the clipping mask of their logo and also think about how to layout the content page in a nice clear way because less is more.