Here I will be looking at blending the 3D object by using the blur and spot heal tool through photoshop. First of all I had to save the file as a high quality JPEG so that it would flatten all the layers together so it would make it easier to smudge.

These screenshots that I’m providing here are proof of my own work. What I am doing within them is smudging the grass over into the 3D object because it makes it look more believable that it is there. I then spot heal areas to make it so it doesn’t look all the same, there will be no are that will look the same.

I will now look at filtering the image colours within Lightroom as that I want the image to blend into the dark layout of the album cover. This is because I want the dark style to run consistently throughout the artwork until we get to the disk part because I feel it looks nice and sleek throughout which links to the album being a special edition.

So here is the process on the steps I took to perfect the photo to how I wanted it to look. Changing the dials on shown on the cropped screenshot adds more depth to the photo and I think this really brings the photo to life and puts the viewer in position.

Making the photo a little sharp also brings in a slight grittiness and dark feel to match the style of the rest of the album cover.

Next I will be moving over to my next photo and will talk about my considerations on why I chose it and will also go into detail on how I made the 3D object.