With my new idea I needed a photo with a lot of ground within and a fair amount of whitespace to work with a 3D object. The photo I chose below works perfectly and has a lot of space to play around with, also it is a great landscape shot because there is a lot of depth to it and the colours are easy to work with a black solid which the 3D logo will be.

Screenshot 2017-05-06 20.09.24 start

Unfortunately I forgot to screenshot the process of making the 3D object but I will run through that process when it comes to when I’m doing the other page as that they will both include the shape to keep consistency.

So from the screenshot you can see that I have the object in 3D view, I had to make sure the horizon line was pretty accurate to where the horizon is within the photo. This isn’t so necessary as that the 3D object is not so complex.

Screenshot 2017-05-06 20.10.50

I am picking out where I think the light is coming from the most using the infinite light tool within the 3D panel. This is again to make the object fit in to the photo naturally. I also made sure that the create shadow box was ticked so that the shadow would cast naturally into the photo- this is why I had to set the horizon point accurately.

I thought that working with 3D wouldn’t be so bad but oh my god with the RAM I had it had no chance to keep up to the speed I wanted to work in, this was a huge ball ache!

I then moved over to making the object slightly reflective to give off a gloss look, I did this because this style matches the use of spot UV that will be used on other elements of the cover.

To do the reflection effect I had to go on to the environment option and go into the IBL file. From there I had to copy and paste the photograph I took and crop it to the file size. Once that was done I saved the IBL file that then updated the master document. As that the 3D object is a smart object it is all scripted in to be responsive to file changes within the object. I had to then select each element of the object (each face of the shape) and experiment with the dials to how I wanted it to finish.

Once I was happy with experimenting with the dials I could then go on the rendering the 3D object which took forever!!!

Next I will consider blending the object even further by editing the grass area of where the object is placed to make it look more natural.