I have come up with a new concept for the content within the Axwell Ingrosso vinyl cover. So previously I had an idea resorting back to this image and I had experimented with it.


Though with the outcome I was not so pleased with it because I didnt see much relevance to the content and felt it may distract the viewer. I’ve decided to go for a new idea that strongly reinforces the story behind the album name (Places).


So going back the brief and when we spoke about what message they wanted this album to send to their fans was the fact that they wanted to show off the fact that they have been to a lot of PLACES, I believe this is to gain inspiration for behind their music. So with my new idea I’m going to get their logo and place them within high quality photos that I have recently taken from various locations. The reason being is that the logo will represent their presence in the scenery within the photos. Their logo is like their signature, there are a lot of people who could recognise it who love that type of music. I am going to look at a way of placing their logo in fairly realistically kind of like a CGI effect with 3D… like I have done with the Daft Punk content.

I will start to develop my ideas in my next blog post and will talk about how I’m proceeding the task and the reasons behind my decisions.