The trip kept being pushed back which was extremely annoying so we finally went but I went seperate from the group. I did this because I wanted to focus heavily on photography and I wanted to get a good sunset shot seeing as the brief says the work I produce needs to be a response of how I felt and I thought early in the morning would be the best time to really feel the environment and get some amazing shots… I was wrong, well kind of.

So it turned out that the clouds never broke apart to get a good photo, the trip down was extremely exhausting especially at 3:00am without any sleep! And just to top it off it was incredibly windy! … Not a great start! As I was down there I thought I may aswell take some shots and still feel the environment. Dungeness is a very gloomy place at first site and there really isn’t much to it apart from the super huge nuclear power station which shadows over the deserted grounds. Though there were some beauty to the place like the houses were cute and bold, the abandoned boats that turned into rusty frames were somewhat aesthetically pleasing and wicked to photograph.

As I carried on exploring I started to think that the bleakness of the location started to actually become a beauty and unique feature.

After taking some shots that I thought would be useful to send a message across to the people who bought the postcard I started to think of what the message would be. I went and simplified what I said earlier and just thought of putting “BLEAK IS BEAUTY.” This quote I feel is straight to the point and sends of the message for consumers not to just judge a book by its cover and go and explore a little as that there is always a hidden beauty where ever you go.

Next I will look through the photos that I had taken and will consider which ones to use for my postcard.