Here I will be experimenting with bringing in the frame of the helmets joint together. I went for the golden colour because it gives off a prestige look and really sticks to the consistency of the cover being a limited edition.

Screenshot 2017-05-04 16.12.51Screenshot 2017-05-04 16.14.51

I’m looking at where to place the frame within the photo. From the two screen grabs above I can see that it works better now from being in front of the whole photo because it makes sense, if it was sandwiched between the two it wouldn’t look right as that the face is falling off the shell and those two elements should be together.

Looking more at blending the frame into the photo a little more, I went and looked at turning the frame into a 3D object through photoshop.

It has been a little tedious to work with photoshop’s 3D functions as that the computer I use just simply can’t keep up.

Screenshot 2017-05-04 16.32.38Screenshot 2017-05-04 16.51.17

I also looked as blending options on top of the the 3D object but it didn’t really seem to work because the frame pretty much disappeared or looked less realistic as the 3D alone without any effects.

Screenshot 2017-05-04 17.33.41

So here’s the final look on top of the glitch effect. I need to look into merging the layers a little more naturally though I think I’ll work on this once I have taken my photos because this is wasting time now and I need to seriously consider moving this further with my own photos.