Here I am going to be looking into a cleaner look of how to illustrate the helmets of daft punk. I want to keep the helmets consistent to the whole design because of the fact that the album is revealing them it’ll be the masks last moment of fame kind of thing. I want to go for a cleaner look because I don’t feel the rough look will work well with the rest of the design as that it is a limited edition.

You can see here that I am using the pen tool and shape tool on illustrator to trace round a found image from online. I then went on to the path finder and separated all the lines so I could delete unnecessary ones.

For some reason the bottom and ear of the silver mask just cut out completely so I just manually added the lines back in.

I chose to do the line art instead of filling it with colour because I wanted it to be different from previous albums. Also I don’t want the illustrations to stand out more than the photography and other content.

Now that I have the mainframe of the 2 halves of both masks I can go on to experimenting how I can work with them with photography.