Here is my first idea of presenting the lyrics within the cover. So you can see the style I’m looking at within the photography within this screenshot (the photo within is only an example and does not belong to me). The photo is well detailed and very sharp. It has also been edited a fair amount, but I do like it and will use this as inspiration for when I edit my photos.

You can also see that I have put a border along the edge. I want this border to be spot UV to keep the style from the front consistent. I don’t want this to distract the view though from seeing the lyrics.

Screenshot 2017-03-11 14.47.03

I wanted to add to the border so I felt it may be a neat idea to place the record label- Axtone, across the bottom line, aligned to the right.

Following the border style this will of course be attempted in spot UV.

I wanted to look at a few more pictures from the web to gain some more of an idea for how my photos should look.

I’m not sure to look at these photos as to follow them as that I feel they may look a little too gritty. I will take points from them though to follow. The type of photo they are are good shots that I would like to go for.

So this is the look so far for Axwell Ingrosso, I’m going to be looking into how I should place the lyrics/ content in and will explore deeply into many different ways.

Screenshot 2017-03-11 15.36.38 end