To start my designing for these guys I had to recreate their logo which was fairly simple as I had got an image from the web and traced around it with the pen tool. The result turned out like so.

Screenshot 2017-03-11 14.11.58 start

Looking back at a few of Axwell Ingrosso’s previous and latest artwork they all look a little rough and gritty to me. So again with this artwork it had to look different from their previous ones and stand out as that it is a limited edition.

I wanted to see what the logo would look like as just a gold outline and I thought it looked pretty cool though it didn’t really fit to their music. I felt that I should explore a little more into what colour should represent this album. I was also pretty keen with the choice in font being Impact, though this is not their font in previous artwork but it does seem to change throughout.

Screenshot 2017-03-11 14.19.14

What I was thinking of doing was having the logo cut out on the front cover revealing a tease to what content is inside. This may be tricky though as to how I am going to work this around the content inside.

The colours I looked into next where just different shades of grey. As you can see that on screen it is pretty hard to see, but the way I want it printed is that the album is printed on a matte finish, then the content on the front is stamped on glossy known as spot UV.

Screenshot 2017-03-11 14.37.00

Here is what I mean by how I want it printed.

Taken from

Not so sure how much this costs so I’ll have to research into that.

Next I will be looking into how to lay out the photos within the cover and checking out what styles of photos would work well.