So going from my template for the vinyl covers I’m going to be jumping straight into Daft punks cover.

To start things off I felt it was necessary to go and find myself the font known as Daft Font which is the font used for their logo. The font was found through Dafont.com.

After adjusting the kerning I felt I had achieved the look for their logo instead of just taking a vector from online. Now with colour for these guys I’m a little stuck as that because it’s their last album I need to make it look legendary with a colour such as gold but then they seem to have used silver at one stage which really bought them to recognition. The colour will be decided at a later stage.

The title of their album will be “Faces” and I wanted to go for a classic neon effect for this title to be laid out as on the front cover. So I started off with this fancy looking font and started to pick it apart so I could experiment with colours.

Screenshot 2017-02-20 17.52.20 start

I did look at other fonts but felt this one fitted perfectly for how I wanted to show this album off as being funky yet classy. The colours of the title are neon pink to give it that cheesy look as that Daft Punks style is kind of leaning into that way, especially back in the past but yet they made it acceptable.

Now moving onto the space page, (This was with a different template as I didn’t mention earlier that I was going to do a bigger fold out cover, though down to printing this was not a good idea). Anyway this is probably irrelevant now but my design thought and process behind this was to kind of have a wall of different fonts saying faces, with the main one being in the middle the same as the title from the front. Also I brung in some sketchy icons of their iconic masks and placed them on the wall too. This idea was scrapped though as it was not really consistent with how I wanted to cover to be like.


After changing the template to what it was in the post I did about the layout I was going to do- here is how it looks so far.

Screenshot 2017-02-21 16.26.24 end

I changed the front cover title to look similar to their previous album being RAM which I will show a comparison between the two bellow.

Next I will be looking even deeper into the content of my cover and will be looking at some of their previous limited edition items to get some inspiration.