Within this Easter holiday we have been asked to fill out this form reacting to the recent ish documentary called Before the Flood.

What are my reactions to this reading/viewing Thought reactions


Felt reactions




What do my felt reactions tell me about …
Me as a person?  

After watching this film it made me think as if I should look at alternative ways to live my life to protect our climate and other life beings on this earth.



I felt as if I can look at other ways to live my life and I felt guilty from the things that I have done that help ruin the world.
My ideas?  


It’s made me think that I should take in more consideration on my ideas in the future.




Again I felt guilty as that big companies can brainwash people into investing into things that are bad for the environment.
The culture and society that I am part of?



I think that our society need to come together and think of a solution to global warming as that it is a huge threat.



I don’t feel to bad about the culture I live in as that it’s not a culture where I’d buy fancy real leather from innocent animals or waste a lot of food or electricity.
The values, biases, perspectives that inform my worldview?  


I think I have been brainwashed by others higher than me to believe in their wrong values in life.



I feel slightly scared seeing as that we may be too late to make a change though in the film it does mention it is never too late, and if we take another route now we will make a good effective change.
  What do my thought reactions suggest or what questions do they invite regarding … What do my felt reactions suggest or what questions do they invite regarding …
The author’s [makers] assumptions?  

My thoughts on the authors assumptions make me ask the question, is there a better way to live? is there a sanctuary greater than this? How have we made it this far doing the wrong thing?



I feel worried but at the same time glad as that Leonardo Dicaprio is trying to send this such important message across in such a dramatic way.
The issue, concern, or problem the author/maker is trying to address?  

The author is making me think of the question “what will become if we carry on this way?”



This makes me feel as an individual that we must do something soon otherwise we will get to the point of no return.







Relevant considerations the author/maker has not addressed?  

I can’t really think of much that the author has not mentioned in relevance apart from possible other people who are being affected already, this subject hadn’t really been much explored.


This makes me feel as there is so much more depth to the issue.
What the text [artefact] most provokes me to consider?  

I think the messages which they are sending out with this documentary is a call for help.


I strongly feel that we should all think of new ways to live especially the ones who are in power and for once stop thinking in a financial way.