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April 2017

Experimentation with Axwell Ingrosso Vinyl cover (Entry 2)


Here is my first idea of presenting the lyrics within the cover. So you can see the style I’m looking at within the photography within this screenshot (the photo within is only an example and does not belong to me). The photo is well detailed and very sharp. It has also been edited a fair amount, but I do like it and will use this as inspiration for when I edit my photos.

You can also see that I have put a border along the edge. I want this border to be spot UV to keep the style from the front consistent. I don’t want this to distract the view though from seeing the lyrics.

Screenshot 2017-03-11 14.47.03

I wanted to add to the border so I felt it may be a neat idea to place the record label- Axtone, across the bottom line, aligned to the right.

Following the border style this will of course be attempted in spot UV.

I wanted to look at a few more pictures from the web to gain some more of an idea for how my photos should look.

I’m not sure to look at these photos as to follow them as that I feel they may look a little too gritty. I will take points from them though to follow. The type of photo they are are good shots that I would like to go for.

So this is the look so far for Axwell Ingrosso, I’m going to be looking into how I should place the lyrics/ content in and will explore deeply into many different ways.

Screenshot 2017-03-11 15.36.38 end


Experimentation with Axwell Ingrosso Vinyl cover (Entry 1)


To start my designing for these guys I had to recreate their logo which was fairly simple as I had got an image from the web and traced around it with the pen tool. The result turned out like so.

Screenshot 2017-03-11 14.11.58 start

Looking back at a few of Axwell Ingrosso’s previous and latest artwork they all look a little rough and gritty to me. So again with this artwork it had to look different from their previous ones and stand out as that it is a limited edition.

I wanted to see what the logo would look like as just a gold outline and I thought it looked pretty cool though it didn’t really fit to their music. I felt that I should explore a little more into what colour should represent this album. I was also pretty keen with the choice in font being Impact, though this is not their font in previous artwork but it does seem to change throughout.

Screenshot 2017-03-11 14.19.14

What I was thinking of doing was having the logo cut out on the front cover revealing a tease to what content is inside. This may be tricky though as to how I am going to work this around the content inside.

The colours I looked into next where just different shades of grey. As you can see that on screen it is pretty hard to see, but the way I want it printed is that the album is printed on a matte finish, then the content on the front is stamped on glossy known as spot UV.

Screenshot 2017-03-11 14.37.00

Here is what I mean by how I want it printed.

Taken from

Not so sure how much this costs so I’ll have to research into that.

Next I will be looking into how to lay out the photos within the cover and checking out what styles of photos would work well.

Looking at an alternative design pt 2


From my last post I am going to be showing you the last page layout and all the pages all together, looking at the style and consistency of the design throughout.

Screenshot 2017-04-24 23.15.26

So with the final page I wanted to look for a new photo, one that was my own and of high quality. When I went to Hever castle a few months back I kept this project in mind and was looking for large photos that would work well with a double page spread of this size.

The photo I chose was this one below seeing as that it goes with the natural pantone of all the other photos. The red within the photo also critically makes the page stand out from the others. A thing I had noticed about Creative Review is that it is rather bland and doesn’t really capture the eye of their expected audience. In response to that I chose to take a risk to make my pages stand out with bright and interesting imagery.

Screenshot 2017-04-24 23.26.11

As you can see from the screenshot above that the photo does not really fit the whole page. To resolve this I took the image again, cropped it and stretched the cropped version placing it onto the other side of the E so it blends in naturally.

Screenshot 2017-04-24 23.26.47Screenshot 2017-04-24 23.28.44

Moving on to the written content I felt that it was too cramped up inside of the E and didn’t really work as well as I thought it would. Why E do you ask? Well it’s purely because its the first letter of the title of the page. This may change though as I’m unsure on using that as a title as it has no relevance to the other content at the moment. I chose to place the text away from the E into the white space and the result has come out almost perfectly though there’s something missing to make it stand out.

As I have done in the past I made a black box, reduced the opacity of it and have placed it beneath the text to lift it out of the page making it easier to read – yet not destroying the photo behind.

Screenshot 2017-04-24 23.30.22Screenshot 2017-04-24 23.30.26

To finish off all I had to do was change the font.

Screenshot 2017-04-24 23.53.33

All the black text within the document I went back and changed the tint so it was a lot easier on the eye. I also done the same with the page numbers, reducing the tint a little more that the paragraph styles.

Screenshot 2017-04-25 00.06.52

I then went back to the first page to make the layout the same as the last page – Matching the paragraph styles and image placement.

Here is a final look at all the pages. Here I will be judging the consistency.

Screenshot 2017-04-25 14.15.47Screenshot 2017-04-25 14.16.01Screenshot 2017-04-25 14.16.36Screenshot 2017-04-25 14.17.08

As you can see here what I have done is made my article open and close with a double page of the same style of each other so that the reader knows where it begins and ends. What I like to call the inside beef of it all it is kept very clean and easy to read. The colour within the beef is all very the same and all link to natural beauty and colour.


Looking at an alternative design


Now with what I have got so far with my double page spreads, I’m pleased with most the content on there, but I may need to look at putting more content in. Seeing that I have just done a few photography trips with this project in mind, I will be looking at some new content to fill up the pages if necessary.

First of all i wanted to make the first page look a little tidier design wise. I used a method that I learnt about at work experience using the path finder tool and the create outlines tool for the large W. Here is my process.

Screenshot 2017-04-24 22.16.06

Screenshot 2017-04-24 22.12.49

Screenshot 2017-04-24 22.12.22

Screenshot 2017-04-24 17.53.26

I felt that the next page didn’t really need much editing so I have left it for the time being.

Moving onto the next spread I went on to completely redesigning it to make it look more like the style used within Creative Review.

Screenshot 2017-04-24 22.26.06

Here you can see that already the layout has changed – the column to the right is space for a photograph and I have looked through some I had taken from Berling Gap. I chose this photo as I wanted the page to relate to it and the other content to flow with it with similar colours.

Screenshot 2017-04-24 22.32.21

So now it’s time to look at some more content to fill this page with as that at least one of the spreads should be a little meaty.

Screenshot 2017-04-24 22.54.02

I thought this way was the best way to balance out this spread as that three small ones will make up for that one long one. Like I mentioned earlier I wanted the other photos to link in colour with the main photo. I think, with the shots I chose, are smartly contrasted to match the main photo as they’re taken from a different day and location yet keep consistent to the main colours.

Screenshot 2017-04-24 22.59.26

I have placed placeholder text underneath each photo and will fill them soon with rich text. I used a faint line to divide the photos from the text. You may have also noticed that I have changed the font to Helvetica as that it is a lot easier to read and works very well with the content because of the fact that it keeps the pages looking clean and tidy.

Screenshot 2017-04-24 22.57.14

Though I used tools within inDesign to make the spaces even I just wanted to double check – as you can see I created a rectangle in between two of them and checked to see if it was the same the other end.

I will go into a further post to discuss the changes of the last page and we will explore the new look of the whole file.

Daft punk experimentation(Entry 1)


So going from my template for the vinyl covers I’m going to be jumping straight into Daft punks cover.

To start things off I felt it was necessary to go and find myself the font known as Daft Font which is the font used for their logo. The font was found through

After adjusting the kerning I felt I had achieved the look for their logo instead of just taking a vector from online. Now with colour for these guys I’m a little stuck as that because it’s their last album I need to make it look legendary with a colour such as gold but then they seem to have used silver at one stage which really bought them to recognition. The colour will be decided at a later stage.

The title of their album will be “Faces” and I wanted to go for a classic neon effect for this title to be laid out as on the front cover. So I started off with this fancy looking font and started to pick it apart so I could experiment with colours.

Screenshot 2017-02-20 17.52.20 start

I did look at other fonts but felt this one fitted perfectly for how I wanted to show this album off as being funky yet classy. The colours of the title are neon pink to give it that cheesy look as that Daft Punks style is kind of leaning into that way, especially back in the past but yet they made it acceptable.

Now moving onto the space page, (This was with a different template as I didn’t mention earlier that I was going to do a bigger fold out cover, though down to printing this was not a good idea). Anyway this is probably irrelevant now but my design thought and process behind this was to kind of have a wall of different fonts saying faces, with the main one being in the middle the same as the title from the front. Also I brung in some sketchy icons of their iconic masks and placed them on the wall too. This idea was scrapped though as it was not really consistent with how I wanted to cover to be like.


After changing the template to what it was in the post I did about the layout I was going to do- here is how it looks so far.

Screenshot 2017-02-21 16.26.24 end

I changed the front cover title to look similar to their previous album being RAM which I will show a comparison between the two bellow.

Next I will be looking even deeper into the content of my cover and will be looking at some of their previous limited edition items to get some inspiration.

Quick experimentation on Photo editing for Axwell Ingrosso


I’ve decided to go ahead and start looking at ways on merging two photos together like so.


As I have said before when I was looking at some inspiration, I like the style of this photo as to how the two images merge together so well.

I’m taking two photos for and experiment from my recent trip to Berling Gap being these two.


I’m starting my experimentation on photoshop to start cutting out the images with the pen tool.

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 19.56.47Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 20.07.57Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 20.12.55

As you can see from the screenshots my progress into adjusting and cutting out the images.

Now with the outcome, I’m not so happy with it at the moment and I feel I may have to get some resources together on how to blend these photos into one another better.

You can now see that I have moved over to Adobe Illustrator to bring in logos and a background for the manipulated photo.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Further experimentation will be needed I believe, with the angles of both shots and placement of the content that will show on top.


Illustrator Vinyl Layout Option one


Here I am starting to put together my templates for my Vinyls. After looking at some to get an idea on dimensions I had discovered that the size of the cover needs to be a little bit larger than the size of the 12″ Vinyl. I decided to increase the dimensions to half an inch more.

For this option I am going to be spreading the 4 folds across one art board which will make it easier when it comes to printing. So in total there will be two art boards, one for the back and one for the front.

Screenshot 2017-04-19 21.13.26

So below you can see that I have already started experimenting with an idea and you can see from the layout whats going to be where for when it comes to print.

On the top art board you can see starting from the left that the first fold is blank as this will not be on view, the second is the artwork for what will be covering the disk, the third is for the front cover and the last one is for the content or about fold.

Screenshot 2017-04-19 21.19.52

On the bottom art board you can see starting from the left that the first fold is for the first song lyrics, the second is for the second song lyrics, the third is empty as this will not be on show once it has been printed and folded and the last one is for the back cover.

Later on down the line I will be looking at another layout option being to just have a simple sleeve with a 12″ booklet within. This will all be considered towards printing options.

Photography trip to Birling Gap


Today I went to venture over to a local National park known as Birling Gap. I came here as that after looking at some inspiration, I wanted to catch some different sceneries to give myself some more variety when it comes down to editing the content for my vinyls.

These shots will go more towards the Axwell Ingrosso album and I am doing a fair bit of traveling to give me more options as that the album is called “places”.

A few of these shots are not really necessary though I thought I would take them for possibly future reference OR my Double page spreads that I done in the summer.

I’m going to look at ways to edit the photos that I have so far and see if I can come up with something. Also I will be looking at laying out the cover visually on Adobe Illustrator and will refer back to my sketched layout ideas.

My Reaction to Before the Flood


Within this Easter holiday we have been asked to fill out this form reacting to the recent ish documentary called Before the Flood.

What are my reactions to this reading/viewing Thought reactions


Felt reactions




What do my felt reactions tell me about …
Me as a person?  

After watching this film it made me think as if I should look at alternative ways to live my life to protect our climate and other life beings on this earth.



I felt as if I can look at other ways to live my life and I felt guilty from the things that I have done that help ruin the world.
My ideas?  


It’s made me think that I should take in more consideration on my ideas in the future.




Again I felt guilty as that big companies can brainwash people into investing into things that are bad for the environment.
The culture and society that I am part of?



I think that our society need to come together and think of a solution to global warming as that it is a huge threat.



I don’t feel to bad about the culture I live in as that it’s not a culture where I’d buy fancy real leather from innocent animals or waste a lot of food or electricity.
The values, biases, perspectives that inform my worldview?  


I think I have been brainwashed by others higher than me to believe in their wrong values in life.



I feel slightly scared seeing as that we may be too late to make a change though in the film it does mention it is never too late, and if we take another route now we will make a good effective change.
  What do my thought reactions suggest or what questions do they invite regarding … What do my felt reactions suggest or what questions do they invite regarding …
The author’s [makers] assumptions?  

My thoughts on the authors assumptions make me ask the question, is there a better way to live? is there a sanctuary greater than this? How have we made it this far doing the wrong thing?



I feel worried but at the same time glad as that Leonardo Dicaprio is trying to send this such important message across in such a dramatic way.
The issue, concern, or problem the author/maker is trying to address?  

The author is making me think of the question “what will become if we carry on this way?”



This makes me feel as an individual that we must do something soon otherwise we will get to the point of no return.







Relevant considerations the author/maker has not addressed?  

I can’t really think of much that the author has not mentioned in relevance apart from possible other people who are being affected already, this subject hadn’t really been much explored.


This makes me feel as there is so much more depth to the issue.
What the text [artefact] most provokes me to consider?  

I think the messages which they are sending out with this documentary is a call for help.


I strongly feel that we should all think of new ways to live especially the ones who are in power and for once stop thinking in a financial way.



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