The visual communication/message of the piece met the need of the brief as that I looked heavily into how to brand successfully.

I feel that I should have done some market research again into how many people would be up for it and such.

My strengths in this project were my visuals I believe and the concept of the logo. Also I felt very positive on my mock ups seeing if the logo would work well on different stationary.

My weakness would have been that I should have maybe gone a step further and made up a brand guideline book.

I found my time keeping skills were pretty well set out as usual.

Like I said I do feel that I should have researched more into the marketing side of things as that in the real world designers do have to do that. It may have been useful to get some more outside opinions.

I drew conclusion to the project by showing a few people my visuals for some feedback, asking if they understood the logo and what it meant. The people I asked were professionals so it wasn’t like I was only asking friends and family.

What I enjoyed the most about this project was experimenting with colours and shapes for the logos. I love logo design and I’m constantly learning about new different ways of displaying a company within a simple icon.

I have considered the sustainability of my project process and outcomes by making sure the the target audience would react to my idea in a good way. If it were to go further there would be further analytics.