I’ve wanted to experiment just a little further on the visuals of the KSA logo. I don’t want my logo to be a very typical standard logo, I want it to stand out a lot and I feel the ones that I have produced so far don’t really match.

I wanted to bring in an idea of a ladder to show progression and also wanted to play around with negative space. Heres what I have come up with.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 11.00.08

So from here you can see that I have brought in speech bubbles to represent the tagline I had come up with being “listen, communicate, persuade”. The speech bubbles are the main part of the logo but as you can see the negative space plays in to hand to show a ladder – steps to success.

Looking at the target audience I needed two types of colours in particular being a formal colour for companies and a lively colour for young adult students. So I went for a good combination of a dark grey and a bright orange that really work well together as it catches the eye yet stays very formal.

Moving on to the typography involved I wanted it to be very easy to read and to look delicate and approachable.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 10.59.58

The font I went for was Gotham Book and Gotham Light. The reason being is that it is very clean, easy to read and can still look enjoyable to read once experimenting with colours.

Next I will be creating my style sheet taking a template from one I have done in the recent past.