Here you can see me starting to experiment as much as possible on illustrator. The key to this I believe is to emphasis it a lot seeing as it hasnt been done before, it needs to be bold and fresh but also look professional keeping a clean look.

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 20.22.26Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 20.22.37

With a few of them you can see that I have introduced taglines/ slogans to go with them, one being “Sales step up” and the other being “Communicate, Persuade, Listen”. The second one kind of gives a clear look on what the main points of the short course will be focusing heavily on the three key subjects.

Also you can see that I have been using the initials as the logo and I’ve emphasised the letter S seeing as that it stands for the main part of their title being “Sales”.

I’ve introduced a flow to the logo too in the bottom two as you can see that the arrows and flow represent a flowchart which are heavily used in sales, also it represents progression from when the students start to how they are when they finish.

I will now go on to experimenting with another idea introducing a DNA look to it as that they did mention “finding people with the right DNA to know they’ll be good in sales” though I feel leaning more to this direction will lead to confusion as it could start to look like a scientific academy?