Today I went out to a local national park to capture some shots for my vinyl cover for Axwell Ingrosso, I wanted to get some great landscape shots to express the music to show that their music has a lot more depth to it that just pressing a few buttons and saying there ya go theres a hit. I want to show that their music is more of an art than just the classic house scene of clubs and all that. I want to express their huge amount of touring and love for the world and their fans. So below are the photos that I have chosen as potential for my final piece. I’m am still yet to decide on whether to manipulate these photos or not but I will be making this decision very soon.

I will be experimenting with colours, contrast and focus soon as that these are camera RAW files so they’ll be fairly easy to edit.

I’m going to go off to find the lyrics of the songs for this album as I feel it will be decent to have them in their to kind of back up the photos as that they will relate to the lyrics.