So here is the story with Daft Punk’s new album called faces.

They’re planning on releasing this small album that only consists of two songs but it’s going to be their final album for them to then tour on to finish off their career.

As I have mentioned before they want to finally reveal themselves from under them masks finally after many years of having an anonymous identity hence the name of the album being called faces.

They want to have the lyrics of their two songs placed somewhere on this album sleeve. They also would like something different to make the vinyl stand out from the others, it has to have a unique style to it yet stay extremely limited edition looking.

My ideas are of making the vinyl covers are to have a cover that’ll expand out like a fold out book, but depending on pricing and stability this may be an issue so I will have to look into printing techniques seeing as 12″ CD covers are pretty large!

I’m thinking of putting the lyrics into these folds as there is only two songs this works perfectly to layout like so.

FullSizeRender 10FullSizeRender 8

The imagery within will be photography of faces in black and white and being very close up. I’m thinking of having really thin lined drawings of the guys masks overlapping the faces, I shall experiment on this at the time but first I need to look at my printing options, good thing I have contacts!