With these guys it’s simple they don’t mind what it looks like, they only have specifically asked that it looks super awesome as they want it to really branch them out for the summer time. So again what I am thinking is the photography route. They want me to come up with the album title but want it to link with the imagery used within the album cover and they want the imagery or whatever to link to their music. the two songs that are on the disk are called Dreamer and Views.

My idea on the content is Take landscapes shots for axwell ingrosso, photo edit the images then place the lyrics over the top and call the album places. The reason as to why I’m doing it this way is because they’re always touring and they love cultures all over the world. This will also show that their inspiration is taken from locations all over the world. This is going to be very difficult for me as that I am only going to be able to capture shots from the UK but I feel that there are some great places to get photos from locally.

The content will also be edited so that the photos don’t look like they’ve been taken from the same area. They will be taken obviously from different areas of the UK but will focus heavily on natural landscapes not buildings.

These guys want something new and different as that all their other album covers are rather boring. The layout of the vinyl cover will be the same as my Daft Punk one to keep the style unique to me so that will be one of the links with the albums.