So I have made a few adjustments to my final pitch to make the presentation look clean and very easy to view. I will be talking about what these slides mean and what I have to to change the layouts of the pages if I have.

Slide 1 – More than just a mission


This slide is new but this will be showing as I talk about the story behind my mini movie. I found these pictures portrayed the situation very well with photos captured from the movie known as Fury. The top left image resembles the brother with a lost one with his new tank squad. On the top right shows him kissing the necklace found in the ruins of his brothers tank, the person behind him is of course a memory of his brother. The two bottom images show the action and tactical side of the game. The title is to give off the fact that it isn’t just a mission, it can get personal.

Slide 2 – Landing page


So here is how the landing page looks, pretty straight forward and easy to see still in the same layout as before. Though I have added their slogan to it to keep brand consistency. There is also a call to action to tell the user to scroll down. I hadn’t mentioned previously but this picture will be a GIF showing the embers light up and other parts too like the explosion expands as you scroll down.

Slide 3 – Video slide up


This slide is exactly how I have left it.

Slide 4 – Tank scene


Changed the background to a field as that the story is based in Germany grounds and I do believe they don’t have deserts there! This background will be an animation that constantly moves, the weather will be the main movement as it’ll be raining.

Slide 5 – Tank animation


Here is a quick story board sketch which I put together. This parallax will be incredibly detailed and will be one of the main parts of the web page. as I’ve mentioned in my previous blog it will animate depending on how the user scrolls.

Slide 6 – Fact screen


So instead of the whole letter idea I thought to completely scrap the idea and go on to showing off the historical side of the game with a fact screen that will appear from the explosion of the tank. This fact screen will go through statistics such as how many tanks were made during WWII, How many were made for Britain, How many stayed in tact from WWI.

Slide 7 – Have you got what it takes to be a Hero?


Here will show the banner to again hook the viewer and convince them into playing the game.

Slide 8 – Twitch and gallery


On the left will show twitch videos embedded into the site and on the right will be a gallery acting as a journal of the two brothers’ time in the war together to add more emotion. The background image is of the dead brothers funeral.

Slide 9 – Menu and pinned bar


Here I have designed the top bar as you have probably noticed throughout the whole site it has always been there pinned to the top. The logo from the front page has reduced to just the emblem to again keep consistency and has been pushed to the top left hand corner. The button saying play now for free is still there as that it is a major part of the site. to the right is a “burger menu” that once clicked upon will bring up the side menu as you can see in this screenshot. Once clicked upon the title World of Tanks comes in an engraving animation to again bring life to the web page.

Slide 10 – The scroll out


Here is just a look at the whole page panned out to give a overview of the site.

Slide 11 – Phone version


Here is the phone version as a static one pager, the reason why I haven’t included all the other elements of the site is because it would destroy users data and will show as too much. When I’m on my phone I don’t want to be scrolling forever to find something interesting I want it right there, this is loads of peoples attitude to the web based on mobiles so this is why I have done it. Also I would hope that the video alone would hook people in without the other elements.