So I’ve been thinking and well with the story it seems a little too depressing and I feel that this wont help them out increasing their audience. So the new idea is as followed.

The video will be 3 – 4 minutes long and will take place during a great tank battle between USA and Germany. The story begins showing a fallen squad with one man left minorly injured, he finds in an emotional scene his brother was killed during the previous battle that he had survived. In a rage he gathers all remaining tanks (8) and sets off to avenge his brothers death. The battle ends up being an 8 v 25, the video will follow the eight tanks that (spoiler alert) finally win the match, there’s a catch though, it will end on a cliff hanger on a one v one last man standing with the main character being the last on the American side. The final clip will be one of the tanks barrels firing but the viewer will not know which one as that from the angle of the shot it was captured will not reveal what team it was. The video will focus heavily on the people within the tanks and gameplay. It will contain gameplay mixed into real life acting or animation (CGI) which will strongly engage the viewer making it seem as if they are controlling these soldiers in the tanks. This will make the viewers seem that the game is leaning more towards a tactical approach.

Once the video has stopped the the web page will then auto scroll to the next page showing the final tank on the enemy team. As the user scrolls the friendly tank will fire a shell (the user won’t see this as that it will be off screen). This complex scroll effect will flow through the animation of a tank blowing up and the user will be able to reverse the action by scrolling back up. This animation will be well detailed to show the quality of the game.

As the user keeps scrolling a panel will fly from the ruins of the explosion and will show a fact screen about some rather interesting statistics of the history of tanks within the war, this will show the history side of this gaming/ educational app.

The user finally gets to the bottom of the one page website where it will then show screen shots and twitch videos of the gameplay. A title will also appear above the social panels saying “Have you got what it takes to be a hero?”

Next I will be going on to showing my idea visually as to how it will look on the web.