Carrying on from my previous post I will be looking into a few more web pages.

Mobile strike


Now this webpage has to be the smallest of the lot with just one page and no scroll it is straight to the point though it is not interactive at all in my opinion apart from the video.

The background is a GIF which really isn’t that impressive in quality apart from big Arnold representing the game (probably got paid millions!).

Again though the huge imagery is there to be bold and stand out giving a slight engagement to the audience.

This site is also well responsive though you cant really give them credit for it as it is a pretty simple site. Once the site hits the dimensions of phones it converts the GIF in to a static image and only makes Arnold the spotlight which kind of makes the audience feel like “oh Arnold plays it so I should too!”

Clash of the Clans


Yet another site that uses large images to portray the quality of the game! (getting old now!) There is scroll effect on this site and it is also responsive, now this is creditable as this site is fairly large. I like the way they haven’t got a nav bar but instead have a hamburger menu for navigation thus gaining more white space. This website would be very good to use as some sort of template though I feel that this again isn’t so interactive.

Hacksaw Ridge


Again big imagery to bring power to the web page, this seems to be very necessary and I see why. The images do engage with the user though I feel something else is needed to create depth to put the user in the atmosphere. A good idea would be to bring in layers on the photos and merging them in with some of the content.

Doing this research has given me inspiration for the drawing board! I feel as if I have a keen idea though there may be another in the ruins, I shall talk about this in a further blog.