Here I am going to be looking at other games and movie official sites to get an understanding of how the webpage should layout. I will be doing a few analysis’ of each one noticing bad and good points within them to get some inspiration.

I will also look at common features that I can see within them.

Super Mario Run

With this site it is a little flimsy to navigate through as that the scrolling is very sensitive so it easy to miss one of the very few pages that is within the website. There is no navigation menu which seems odd at the moment but I suppose that with such a small site you wouldn’t really need one. This also makes the user go on to discover every piece of content in a way.

There’s also a big use of scroll effect going on here which is a really cool feature to use to make users feel as if they are interacting with the page.

The images are huge taking up the whole screen making the site visually appetising and really does stick to the branding of the whole Nintendo and Mario scene thus making the site consistent with the overall brand.

Horizon zero dawn

Here for the new upcoming game Horizon you can see that the site has a very sleek feel to it giving it a clean look. Again there is a huge use in large imagery to portray the great quality of the game itself.

Theres great layout for the social links and the scroll effect works in a very professional manner to bring these up.

Unfortunately with this site I feel it may look a bit too boring for the client base of World of Tanks but I will look back to this style of website for possibly my website revamp?

I will now finish this post and extend my research in another post as we don’t want these blogs to drag out so much!