This is my first initial idea on how I would tell a story to really hit where the heart is. So the Landing page shows a video of someone training to become a tank driver and also shows parts of when they are fully trained showing his great success. I’m still not sure on whether or not to have the video in full screen or on small screen.

Anyway the user will then scroll down to a part where they see his tank as they scroll they notice that the tank then gets blown up, here the user can stop scrolling to see each individual part flying out. A damaged letter flies out of the explosion revealing the next part of the site showing a letter for back home to their wife and kids. The letter will script something emotional and it’ll be along the lines of talking about his great success and how much he misses his family and he can’t wait to see him when he gets home.

The letter then scrolls down to a photo of the American flag folded up next to the note and a photo of him. This will then show as a gallery and a social pad where people can share the experience on Facebook for others to see it and hashtag it with something that would hopefully trend out… not sure on what though at the moment. The gallery will act as a journal kind of thing for the victims that died in the tank.