So we have been given another one week project, this time we are dealing with a more realistic brief with a very realistic time slot to get a pitch done within a week!


So who are Lightmaker? Well taken from their website this is what they have to say about themselves.

We are Lightmaker – an international digital agency with nearly 20 years experience developing digital destinations and the strategies that power them. But it’s far easier to just say that we have grown up with digital.

With just over 100 Lightmakers, we are considered a small group by global agency standards. But we figured out early how to assemble small, agile teams of individuals that have vast industry knowledge while still having the ability to be flexible.

These teams treat our clients as partners to identify business challenges and develop solutions that address them. We like to think of it as “big agency reach with small agency flex”. We are Lightmaker.”

They have offices all over the world but the people who came in today are from a very local studio based in tunbridge wells, only a few miles down the road from university.

The Brief

The guys at the studio work for a very large gaming company known as Wargaming who are very popular in the gaming industry.

The brief is to create a one paged webpage for one of their games being World of Tanks that stands out that the game is playable completely free significantly. This is the key part of the brief as that the people at war gaming want to increase their audience.

The campaign webpage will only be live for a bout a week or so apparently though this is not so much a consideration to keep in mind.

This page should be engaging to the user, meaning it really needs to be interactive. It also could be ideal to keep in mind that their should be some sort of story telling to it to wheel in the users to want to engage more into clicking that play now button. The story can be either a play of emotion or all guns blazing action packed.

The page HAS TO BE RESPONSIVE for mobile phones as that there is now a huge percentage of web users that use phones instead of desktops.

What may be a good idea is to work in a progressive enhancement style, Which pretty much means to work from the most basic look going being on the mobile version up to the desktop version with a load of bolt on add ons to make it look cool.

Right so as this is such a short brief I am now going to be looking at some inspiration and do a little research on tanks in the world war.