As you can see here I’m building the site up visually within Illustrator as it is my preferred program to layout in. The width of the document is exactly the right length for a common sized web page.




With this page you can see that I have embedded a youtube video into the background image to add depth to the illustration. I did this through photoshop real quick using the eraser tool and quick select tool. I feel that the hierarchy in this page is well set out as that the user will imminently see the game title then the video, once they’ve watched the video and if thats got them hooked already then they’ll go on to the next object being the link to play the game for free.


Now with these 2 pages they’re a little boring though when I go on to working with the pitch I will make these 2 look as interesting as possible but they are where the animation will take pace of the tank blowing up for then bring up the next page being the letter.




Here is the social tab with an image behind that I feel does not distract the viewer to an extent to be put off.


As the user scrolls they’ll notice that at the top the logo shrinks down to just the emblem of World of Tanks so that the brand stays consistent throughout the site. Also the big bright button that wants to draw people in will be in this bar as you can see staying very visible but not too over the top to ruin the quality of the other elements within the site.

There is also a hamburger menu that will open up a side bar to the right linking to all the content on their actual page.

This bar will stay pinned to the top throughout all the “sub pages” (All the pages other the the landing page).