So looking at the proposal I know very well what the finishing product needs to be being 2x vinyl sleeves that should expand, 2x vinyl disks, and if the vinyl does not expand then include a vinyl booklet.

I’ve seen that with the daft punk album the client has already made some decisions on what it will be called, and have given me some more meat on the bone by saying that the album will be a gateway to them showing their true identity.

They both need to be able to stand out from the crowd showing the quality of the music that is on them so I’m thinking on giving it a very professional look for the front cover and throughout as people buy items that look nice and sleek. If you were to have a CD with great music on but is let down by the awful cover art that doesn’t show what the music is all about then it won’t sell as much to customers. Personally I wouldn’t buy an item that looks scruffy and tacky and with these clients their music isn’t the right genre to do so anyway.

Next I’m going to be looking at ways I can link the two pieces of artwork together but in a hidden way, I will be looking at some inspiration and may do a few PMI’s.