As I have now run out of time to think of more ideas I’m going to have to go with my final choice being creating a series of Album covers basing more on the fact that they’ll be printed on vinyl covers.

So moving on to creating the brief I’m going to make it as simple to read as possible taking from an example off the web.

Client: EMI Music Publishing

Product: A variety of album artwork (Minimum of 2), 1 modern music and 1 past music. Music producer 1 is Axwell ^ Ingrosso. Music producer 2 is Daft Punk. Other producers may be added.

Job Description: Vinyl sleeve that may expand, Vinyl disk, Vinyl booklet (if vinyl sleeve does not expand).

Date: 19/02/17

What is the communication to achieve?

To express the emotions of the musicians work in a very unique way, merging typography with photography giving a very clean approach. The cover needs to stand out and be somewhat of a limited edition of the album itself. The daft punk album is going to be a new release and is going to act as a gateway of them showing their true identity. “Faces” is a desired album name. Axwell ingrossos album is up to you just as long as it includes photography and typography in a professional looking way.

Who will I be talking to?

Dance music ravers, especially the ones who are interested in extremely talented music producers looking more into the subcategories of house, EDM and maybe deep house. The age is varied though we do believe we are looking at 16-28 year olds.

What is the message?

Should stand out and show the true quality of the music that is written onto these classic memory devices.The content should be fun, funky and  vibrant but yet keep a very clean look about it.

Who are the main competitors?

Every other Record company apart from them!

Where to research?

I must research into the history of album covers and how they have adapted to new media. I’ll also need to research on how artists music links into their artwork.

Final Deliverables: A minimum of 2 Vinyl covers which must be expandable, the expandable flaps must include lyrics from each song of the EP with a consistent brand throughout. Must consider the fact of the front cover being printed on to CD covers and also will be shown on screen on mp3 devices.