For our end of year Exhibition I’m thinking on re designing my website as that I have finished with my logo and that I am pleased with it.

Now I cannot remember the last time I have used muse, possibly last year! I need to get a better idea on the functions of the programme and I feel that I will learn more about it at work experience as I have learnt a rather lot about it since I started there, I’m very familiar with the UI but I feel I haven’t had any hands on experience with it for a long time, I will be rusty but I will go to my lecturer and work experience guys for help and advice when needed.

The website is so key to the exhibition because it will be a digital version of my physical portfolio. I’m not sure on how I’m going to make it look like but I will look at a lot more independent freelancers to get an idea.

I’m including this in my FMP category as it’s to do with it but it isn’t actually part of the brief. I have also put it in my Web design category as that this is a recap!