Now I’m going to show you a few screenshots on my production. I experimented with stroke weights for the outlines but I liked the idea from a couple of the illustrations I showed in my last post.

1st approach

So you can see here that I used a slightly thick stroke for the outlines and only drew around the important parts of the photo on half of the face to show inner creativity. I experimented with using gradients to fill other than just solid colours and some areas it worked in advantage.


2nd approach

I then went on to taking another route more towards some of the other illustrations from my last post as I have already mentioned.


Like the illustration of the woman in the glasses I have copied the technique very well though I think it isn’t in the right context.

What I’m trying to show is a mini campaign for people with autism showing that you can unlock the potential creativity from ones mind.

3rd approach


For the logo of this piece I wanted it as simple as possible so I took a very clean, simple font and placed a square above the U to show a pad lock unlocked, very simple yet so effective.

I used Bebas to strongly bring forward the main message being “CREATIVITY”. I made it blend more into the illustration by adding drop shadows and rearranging parts to make it look more interesting and natural.


This is just experimentation and will not be part of my final major project as I don’t feel comfortable with illustration still! I have found this very interesting though and I may have second thoughts on going this route but most probably won’t. I love the idea of it but it really isn’t my strong point at the moment.