At the moment I’m a little confused on to what to do for this brief as that it’s one of those ones which you create yourself. Now I do actually have loads of ideas but I want my exhibit at the end of year exhibition to really stand out and be different to all the others. While thinking of a brief to give myself I have to consider that these three points are clearly given in the brief: The message, The client and the audience.

Once I get given the actual brief sheet I will go into a little more detail on what is needed to be done and will discuss this so that I don’t miss read any part of it… like last time!

I’m looking forward to this brief as I feel that it will hopefully redeem myself to my tutors that I do have potential in the graphic design world. I will be discussing ideas on briefs with the person I do work experience with and maybe he could give me a brief but I will talk about this in a whole separate blog post.