As I have mentioned in my last blog I have a wide variety of options to go for. I’m also very glad that this project is nothing to do with my options brief so I can use either photography or illustration! I’m going to list all my ideas I have right now here so I can always come back to this post in the future if I get stuck on an idea.

  • Poster
  • Website
  • Design a game
  • A Campaign
  • Book cover
  • Magazine
  • Recipe book
  • Album cover
  • A Map
  • Car body work Vinyl
  • Car stickers
  • A Logo
  • Branding
  • Brand guidelines booklet
  • Exhibition
  • Comic book
  • Adverts
  • Design an event
  • A series of political cartoons
  • A photography book
  • A music video

From this list I’m still a little stuck on what to do, the ones that I am not too keen on would be the car things, website, book cover, recipe book, a logo, branding and a comic book.

The reason being is that they are a little boring and my skills in some of them aren’t too great such as the car ones and a little on the website idea. The website would take a long time and I wouldn’t really know what to do for it. I want the finishing product to be something physically impressive, not just something alone on screen.

The reason I don’t want to do all the logo things are because I’m doing that a lot in work experience and also had done that at the beginning of the year.

I don’t want to heavily focus on illustration, this is why I’m taking the comic book idea out of consideration as this is not my strong point.

My strongest point I find out of this list is all the branding parts though they’re out of consideration and designs for posters and stationary.

In my next post I will look at my favourites from the list and try and narrow it down a little more. This part of the process needs to be quick as that I’m only thinking of a brief which needs to last a good couple of months, so the sooner I do this the sooner I can start on the brief which is what I’m most excited about!