The visual communication/message of the piece met the need of the brief because I researched strongly into each conspiracy theory that I worked on. I made sure it was clear what the illustrations were trying to tell people.

I believe that my illustrations in this project may have needed a little more detail? I did indeed back up the reason why I didnt. I do wish that I had known that I had to research into illustrators to inspire me as that I would have probably took a different route.

My strengths in this project were probably my intense journaling, documenting everything I had done in a very organised way. I feel that I made some great decisions with my illustrations and that they spoke for themselves very well.

My weakness would have been that I didn’t really do much research though I don’t feel that this was my fault as I am pretty sure it didn’t say that in the brief. I will read over the next briefs a few times in my future projects. Also my other weakness has to be the fact that I never asked for feedback from my tutors which would have helped me achieve what they wanted to see.

I found my time keeping skills were pretty well set out as usual. I managed to kind of keep to one blog at least once a day.

I wished that I researched more into other illustrators before I got started for inspiration but I did research after and this has told me to always look for inspiration before starting my projects.

I drew conclusion to the project by showing many people my illustrations for some feedback, asking if they understand them.

What I enjoyed the most about this project was creating these cartoon images, learning new things through youtube for the future and look into conspiracy theories as I am rather interested in them.

I have considered the sustainability of my project process and outcomes by making sure the viewers knew what was going on and that the productivity of the book will be made sustainably with gloss paper.

I have considered the ethical implications by taking into consideration the fact that the concepts of these illustrations are beyond stupid. I dont believe in any of the theories that I have based my drawings on and believe I have made this clear from the way I designed the drawings in a cartoon look.

Overall I enjoyed this project a lot and just wished that maybe I took or considered a different route on the illustration path.