Here I am going to do a little research into Dr Seuss and how his style of illustration came into play of being so unique in a very sketchy way.

Theodor Seuss Geisel adopted his “Dr. Seuss” pen name during his university studies at Dartmouth College and the University of Oxford. He left Oxford in 1927 to begin his career as an illustrator and cartoonist for Vanity Fair, Life, and various other publications. He also worked as an illustrator for advertising campaigns, most notably for Flit and Standard Oil, and as a political cartoonist for the New York newspaper PM. He published his first children’s book And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street in 1937. During World War II, he worked in an animation department of the United States Army where he produced several short films, including Design for Death, which later won the 1947 Academy Award for Documentary Feature.

ref – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dr._Seuss

This guys art is a great inspiration for me in this project as that he used to work as a political cartoonist before his book writing. I’m going to take a look around for some of his work and do a PMI on his style.

Plus – The simplicity and unique style of the illustrations are amazing. Whats also good is that its so effective even in black and white as that these were printed in newspapers at the time so it would have been expensive to mass produce back then. Because it’s so simple it sends the message out so clearly and doesn’t leave the viewer thinking what the hell is going on. The use of barely any text is good as it shows that the illustrations talk for themselves.

Minus – Some parts of the illustrations are rather dark though this is due to the needs of printing so I guess it wasn’t his preferred choice. Also taking into consideration the sizing of the illustrations if these were to be printed in small sizes the darkness will consume most of it making it hard to read.

Interests – I love the way he takes something in life that is an awfully bad situation and making it some sort of joke no matter how messed up the war was. This must of created a lot of heat on him as I doubt artists really expressed their feelings in this way on such a tragic time being the World War.

These links into my George Bush illustration really well and this is what I wanted to achieve for that and the royal family illustration. I feel now that if I had known to research this sooner rather than at the end of the brief I would have gone for a style like this but with colour.

In result to this I really wish I had known so badly to research, I thought this was mainly a project that focuses on journaling your development and decision making.