12:00pm – Moving forward to my last emendation to the final illustration I had to set the scene for old Bushy. Placing him in one scene box at the bottom right of the page fitted well with the background that I found off of Adobe stock which was indeed a licensed stock image.

12:30pm – I couldn’t just use a photograph as that it didn’t match the style of my other pages so I admit here and only here is the only time I used image trace to get a quick result to match my style. I didn’t really see this as cheating and found it more as being resourceful and I hope that this does not effect my grades at the end of the project.

12:45pm – I’m using thick lines to split the scenes apart like they do in comic books and story boards. To separate the scenes like this was hugely necessary as that viewers would get confused as to what is going on.

13:15pm – I’m now going to be looking at typography for a tiny tittle informing the viewers that the two scenes are happening at the same time but both in different locations using only one simple word being “Elsewhere”. The font had to be bold, comic style and had to stand out to inform someone therefore I coloured it in red to reinforce this.

13:45pm – I’ve realised that the photograph was taken at night which was not the time of when the disaster happened, so I found another photo again licensed stock photo which was taken in the day time got a vector of a plane and placed it heading towards the twin towers.

15:25pm – When placing George Bust into the scene I added a drop shadow to enhance the focus of the illustration yet balance the focus throughout is. Below is the final result.