13:00pm – Right so now it’s time to set these illustrations up in a posh gallery way, I’m going to start off with the broken version with the queen being in lizard form. So here I have built a glass sheet to cover the photograph and have placed the illustration on a white border with Queen Elizabeth II placed underneath. To make the object look more like glass I added a gradient of a very low opacity in to transparent.



14:30pm – moving on to the frame this was a pretty tedious job but I made half of the object then copied and pasted it, reflected it to make it completely symmetrical.


16:15pm – To finish this one off I made it as if the whole frame had fell apart with a scratch where the name was with graffiti over it saying “ELIZARDbeth” This works well I feel and brings in that humour I wanted to achieve.


16:30pm – I placed the illustrations into one group and put them on to a dark grey background with a slight transparency.

19:00pm – For the other version of the illustration I just tidied everything up, made the background white and clear, removed the scratch effect from the glass and the graffiti. The outcome was the following.