15:00pm – Today I’m going to be looking at bringing in the wheelbarrow to the illustration. I kept the same style as the dinosaur to keep it consistent and due to the fact that the background is going to be a different style. I want these illustrations to only have a maximum of 2 styles within.

16:30pm – Now that the illustration is done I am going to be looking at setting up the scene, I wanted the background to be as simple as possible to bring the dinosaur illustrations more to the main point of view but also keeping a balance on what is happening in this again comic book scene.


17:00pm – I felt the need to add another dinosaur to the scene as it looked too empty. I also added another wheelbarrow upside down to show that one of the other dinosaurs are on a break.

18:00pm – Moving on to creating a real quick logo for these guys as I wanted to make it look as if they’re a building company back in that era. I took inspiration from the flintstones cartoon with the type they use within the title, very chunky and blocky looking. I also placed a silhouette of a dinosaur within the D as the main element of the logo.


19:30pm – I feel that this illustration is now complete and will start finishing up the other two.