12:25pm – Starting on my dinosaur concept today and going to make a very simple illustration of a T rex, why a T rex do you ask? Because they were the most intimidating ones out of the lot. To see these guys being bossed about building pyramids would be pretty funny.

13:00pm – I wanted to get the detail within the dinosaur to match the skin colour and not to really stand out a lot in black so I changed the colour. I also left space for where I could put a safety cap to add to the comedy side of it. I did slightly the same technique as I did with Bush’s controller.


14:00pm – With the illustration I’m going to make them look a little more friendly by removing the top teeth so they look stupid, to match with the stupidity of the theory and their claws look less deadly so they look as if they’re actually the least intimidating out of the lot.

14:30pm – Moving on to colouring the dino in I had to go find an image online of a T rex to get the colour accurate. Using the same techniques as I have been in the last two illustrations I started to colour in using a few techniques too from the youtube video.


15:15pm – Finished Dinosaur illustration, needs wheel barrel to be added with background.