14:00pm – So I’m beginning to experiment with the opacity of the shading and it’s not going too well seeing as that if I do so the 2 shading colours collide and is making it very distorted in a way. I have looked at different colours too but the shaping of the shading is what’s bringing it down. I feel the need to look up tips and tricks on shading so I’m going to head on to youtube to find out.

15:30pm – Watching video. WordPress is not allowing me to link the video in but the title is Character in Adobe Illustrator by Brandon Green.

16:15pm – After watching this very useful video I have gained some techniques in the use of the blob brush and the useful contribution of path finders to fill colours in a lot easier and quicker. I have also learnt a lot on how to use shading correctly though like I have said before I am not going to use shading for a few reasons that I have explained in the previous blog post.

17:00pm – So yes there it is my decision making has led me to this but I am so glad that I checked that video out and it will help me out a lot in the future I’m sure.